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Sunday, February 12, 2012

scratch off valentines

this year i made scratcher valentines for the boy to exchange.  i got the idea from this magazine and the directions are located there, but there are tons of tutorials online, along with templates of valentines.

i made my own valentine template with word, adding a mario image i found online (shh, don't tell!).  i got 6 cards on one page;  depending on size, you could get more cards per sheet

i made copies of the valentines on sheets of card stock then cut them out

there are a couple of ways to make the surface for the scratch off spot.  i chose to laminate the entire card with contact paper, then cut the squares out...

then i glued the laminated cards on a piece of scrapbook paper.  this was a piece with bits throughout; i chose it becos it looked more "boyish".  you can use specific valentine paper, pink paper, whatever spins your beanie

there are a couple ways to make the scratch off spot.  some crafters painted a piece of contact paper with the paint solution, then cut out hearts/circles and glued it on the card.  i chose to make a heart shape cutout template and paint the scratcher solution right on the card.  i chose this way becos the idea of peeling contact paper off of little hearts made me want to cry a little...

the scratcher solution is made of 2 parts metallic paint to one part dish detergent (or roughly 2 Tbs paint and 1 Tbs of dish wash)

stir together...

hold template over "hidden message" and paint away (or gob away as i did).  it may take a couple of coats to completely cover the message - allow the paint to dry before adding another coat.  put the cards in an out of the way to dry (read:  a place where the kiddos won't be!)

cut the valentines apart

i stamped to/from on the back of each valentine with mini letter stamps and silver ink

using a scrapbooking glue dot, put the dot over mario's hand and place a new penny or coin of choice on top.  the child uses the coin to scratch off their message

that's a "lotto" friends!

this project took a couple of days to make.  it took me a while to make the valentine template (becos i have teh stupidz when it comes to desktop design), plus i let the paint dry overnight.  i would not start this project the night before your valentine party!

this would also make a neat project for a party or game - instead of having a message to scratch off, you could list a prize and the child could scratch off and find their prize.

happy valentine's crafting!  

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