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Friday, February 24, 2012

pinterest friday

it's pinterest friday, and this is what's pinned to my boards...

Viener dog crochet bracelet tuturial (Russian)

doxie bracelet...sadly i do not speak russian...

Lenten spiral...also used for Advent

salt dough advent/lent calendar.  at christmastime i posted a wooden version of this calendar.  i can make this and it's affordable!

Ham & Cheese Waffles

ham and cheese waffles...we got waffle iron plates for our tabletop grill press for christmas...this savory concoction sounds yummers!

rainbow cupcake

rainbow cupcakes look so cheerful...

salad in a jar

salad in a jar - i started eating more salads as a new year's resolution, and i wonder if my greens would stay fresher if i did this instead of storing them in a ziploc baggie?

mongolian beef

hubby loves mongolian beef - i should try this recipe...

Big Bang Theory, LOVE IT!

rock paper scissors lizard spock.  who invents this stuff?!!

"Wool" you be my Valentine? Too cute.

belated knitting valentine!


it won't rain forever


please listen

let it go

let it go

all links courtesy of the links they were found on; otherwise pinterest

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