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Saturday, February 25, 2012

red fish, blue fish, one big dead fish!

i finished another UFO this week.  here's my dead fish hat:

i started this hat last fall with some spud and chloe yarn i bought originally for the kiddos' hats and mittens sets.  seeing that swimming pool blue would look horrid with petunia's lavender coat (and won't go any better with her fuchsia coat next year!) i decided to make a hat with the yarn.  it's not a hard pattern.  it shouldn't have languished this long.  but i lost interest, and decided to finish it to clear out some UFOs.

the mouth is shaped with short rows, and i forgot to pick up the wraps and knit them:

it wasn't until i got finished with the body that i decided oh, i should fix those wraps.  they look like crap.  so i dropped stitches, picked up the wrap and raveled the stitches back up.  fun times:

the hat's big, even on myself and hubby (who has a big melon head)  here's petunia modeling RFBF1BDF:

and freddie:

and this lucky lad gets to wear the hat for dr. seuss hat day!

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