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Thursday, March 22, 2012


the kiddos wore their owlets to church, and naturally they needed a bath.  i threw them in the wash (in a lingerie bag), washed cold and this is what happened to petunia's:

felted!  and i used superwash yarn!!

at first i blamed myself for putting the sweaters in the bag together.  but freddie's didn't felt; in fact, i think it grew a little bit!

i blocked petunia's sweater to see if i could pull it back to shape, but no dice.  this baby is felted and shrunk.  i used KP swish superwash for both sweaters becos i don't have the time to hand wash kiddos' woolens, and loathe to use baby melting acrylic.

the same thing happened to freddie's denim blue cardi.  both the cardi and owlet were "heather" yarns and both shrank in the wash.  damn.

i guess the next time i'll have to skip the heathers and go for the full colors.  and if another sweater felts with KP swish, i'll have to find another yarn.  or switch to acrylic *shudders*

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