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Friday, March 23, 2012

pinterest friday

it's pinterest friday, and this is what's pinned to my boards...

daisy blanket (with tut)

Crochet Daisy Pattern

Crochet Snail

Ice cream cones!

(the fact that all of these are crochet patterns is not lost on me)

flossy the dachshund embroidery floss bobbin

pin cushion idea

i need to make one of these

Shrinky Dinks

we should make these - i got shrinky dink sheets years ago!

Koolaid dyed play silks - genius.  these things cost a fortune in the fancy children's catalogs

kool-aid dyed play silks - i should try this.  play silks in the catalogs are expensive!

spring rolls

"Cheesy Cauliflower Tater Tots"

Lebanese Chicken and Potatoes

For my doormat collection

Chris Piascik


so true

I think I need this

i need this in my car




how strange it is


all images courtesy of the links they are found on; otherwise pinterest

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