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Monday, March 26, 2012

huggies swag!

what two and a half years of diapers can get you...

the melissa and doug stacking train

little golden books classic books set

while we usually purchase generic store brand diapers and wipes (becos buying for two gets insanely expensive) occasionally we buy name brand dipes and wipes (thank you coupons and sales).  huggies rewards codes are located in most packs of diapers and wipes.  i'd save up the codes then input them.  as the points racked up, i'd peruse the rewards catalog but nothing ever tickled my fancy.

a while back as i was inputing codes, i noticed that the kiddos were aging out of a lot of the goodies they were offering.  these were two gifts in the offering, and i thought the kiddos would enjoy the train and the books.

a couple days ago the mailman rang the doorbell with two packages.  i was puzzled becos i hadn't ordered anything, and neither had hubby.  upon opening them, i found the train and the books.  freddie, of course, was drawn to his "choo-choo", while petunia went right for the books.

i still have a batch of points left.  if i can't find anything for the kiddos over the next few months, i'll probably donate the points to every little bottom.

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