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Sunday, March 4, 2012


i carry this little pouch in my purse.  it's full of little trinkets and things.  i've had it for years.

piece of tartan, red sock yarn, nail clippers, barrette i've had for years, a scrungy hair elastic i should probably throw away, and keys to my parents' and grandmother's houses (i've since turned in my parents' key becos they are moving soon).

the quarter and dime are from 1964 and are pure silver (they're not silver coated like coins today).  have no clue where i got the flattened penny from.  the cross, shell, acorn, butterfly and miracles pebble i probably bought at the hallmark store.  the blue pebble was a lenten memento from years ago.  and that scrungy thing on the upper right is a pig i got at dutch wonderland - supposedly it's for good luck.

more lenten coins.  the cross on the left is so old the etching on it is faded.  the coin at the lower right is from before the church became the ELCA.  the coin on the bottom is the this year's lenten coin.

these are rosary medallions i got in jim thorpe.  i started collecting them not long after i got married.  i don't think i've gotten a new one in years (probably becos i've exhausted all the saints).

i'm not catholic, but i do carry the medallions for "good health".  these are the saints i've collected:

saint anthony - my cousin taught me the st. anthony prayer for missing things - "dear saint anthony, dressed in brown, what was lost will now be found."  it works!
saint anne, mother of the virgin mary and the grandmother of jesus.  in late summer, a catholic church in scranton holds a weeklong novena in honor of st. anne.
saint cecilia, the patron saint of musicians
saint andrew
saint patrick
saint roch, patron saint of dogs, bachelors and invalids; he's invoked against knee and skin problems.  i probably got it becos of my HS, buy maybe i should call upon him more often by the way my knees hurt.
saint francis of assisi, the patron saint of animals.  many churches hold services honoring st. francis, and people bring their pets to the service.  incidentally, this medallion also has st. anthony on the back of it.  two saints for the price of one?
st. gerard of majella, the patron saint of children and mothers, specifically pregnant mothers.  not sure if i got it before i had the boy, or after i had my miscarriage.
saint teresa of avila, patron saint of headaches, illness and lacemakers.  i bought this medallion at the height of my migraines years ago; it's one of the first medallions i ever bought.
saint rita, patron saint of lost causes and illness
saint george
saint dymphna, patron saint of mental illness (also an early purchase, i've dealt with chronic depression for years)
cor jesu (this is what's marked on the medallion, i think it's simply a jesus medallion)
one unmarked with an angel, made in italy
plus a silver hindu figure i got at an asian shop in eagles mere years ago.

as you can imagine, that pouch weighs a ton in my purse.  but i carry it everywhere, even when i'm carrying the basics (wallet, lip balm and tissues) in my vera bradley hipster.  nothing bad has ever happened to me while carrying it, so i guess it doesn't hurt.  it's funny how tiny bits of metal bring comfort.

what kind of good luck charms do you believe in?

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