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Saturday, March 3, 2012

the toesies know

i bought a gym membership to the recently opened planet fitness.  as i dug out a pair of brand new sneakers (somehow i had the foresight to buy two pairs when i was at easy spirit years ago; i don't think the tretorns i got years ago at the vermont country store probably would cut it) i also had to find a pair of sport socks to wear with them.  i cannot remember the last time i bought a pair of store-bought socks.  i've knit my own socks for 5 years now.

as i slid my feet into the pair of pilled peddies i cringed - it was like pulling on a piece of sand paper.  i'm not sure if it's becos of the neuropathy in my feet (from my sucky sugars) or the fact that my feet have become accustomed to hand knit socks.  i walked around in my new sneakers and crummy socks and wished there was a way i could wear cashmere socks instead.

now, those peddies are lord knows how old, so they need replaced (a trip to Dick's is on order for me anyway).  i know there are fancy sport socks out there for wicking away sweat.  too bad i can't do the treadmill in my bare feet.  or a pair of crocs or birks.

on the topic of toes...i bombed my february PSOTMC goal.  i got carried away with my mystery shawl and freddie's owlet and the boy's fish hat that it fell by the wayside.  (i secretly think it wants to be something else anyway.)

but i march forth (har har) and picked a new bag for march PSOTMC.  i got felici in goth on sale last summer - no clue why it's not in my rav stash.

i ran the skeins so i can get matching stripes.  so far all i have is a cuff.  the boy has chorale practices in the coming weeks so i want something simple to knit on.

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