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Saturday, April 14, 2012

polish stir fry and potstickers

tonight we had polish stir fry and potstickers for supper.

first, slice up a pound of kielbasa into quarter inch rounds.  i prefer all beef kielbasa, but you can use turkey kielbasa if you prefer.  brown pieces over medium heat.
Untitled Untitled

next, dump 2 jars of red cabbage kraut with apple in with the kielbasa.  you can find jarred red cabbage in the canned veggies aisle, or if you're really lucky, at a german or european grocer.  i get mine at wegman's in the international aisle, and sometimes aldi sells it when they have their oktoberfest sale.

heat the cabbage and kielbasa "stir fry" on low to medium heat until thoroughly heated through.

meanwhile, prepare frozen perogies (aka the "potstickers") as per the directions on the package.  while the perogies cook, make dill sauce for them.  take a cup of sour cream (i used the remnants of a container becos i didn't want to dirty another bowl) and add about a tablespoon of dried dill.  if you have fresh dill, use that.  stir and set aside as to allow the flavors to meld.
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serve perogies with the dill sauce (on the side, drizzled over, whatever spins your beanie.  hubby drizzled his over the cabbage.)  i like my perogies sautéed with a little butter, but becos this meal was on the fly, i served them up boiled (the kids prefer them that way too).  spoon up cabbage and kielbasa.

my meal is a heavily altered version of rachael ray's polish stir fry and potstickers.  i like to make my perogies the same way she does.  red cabbage is also good for your health (full of vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants.)

dobre jedzenie!

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