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Monday, April 16, 2012

this week in etsy

i bought a few things off etsy recently.

persimmon colored tinted lip balm that tastes yummy and looks great!  it's all natural so it's good for you too!

simple cardamom lip balm - it smells and tastes heavenly.  this lip balm is made with all organic ingredients, so it's good for you!  i use this before bedtime.

i purchased these vintage buttons from little red mercantile.  i have no idear what i'll use them for, but i just had to have them.

vintage jar with vintage buttons from lilly's vintage cupboard.  i bought it just for the lid (altho the buttons are a bonus.  there are quite a few cool sets in there.)
Untitled Untitled

vintage daisies on an avocado green lid.  doesn't that just scream 70s?  i love these colors.

i have no idear how i missed out on these sugar skull markers when i bought my mushroom markers from wine maker's sister.  they are now in my possession!

while looking at metroyshka things, i found several sets of stitch markers...and then found these silver spacer beads.  oh yes, i'm making my own.  thanks superdraven!

holy hannah, etsy is quickly becoming a time suck as much as ravelry (and quite an expensive addiction to boot!)  i'm all for supporting local artists and sellers, so i think it's definitely money well spent!

do you have a favorite etsy shop?  i'd love to hear about them!

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