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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sometimes the yarn knows

i started this tammy hat about a month ago - my knitting friend kristin gave me the yarn for my birthday.  i slogged along on the hat and finally finished a few days ago.

before i cut yarn and finished the ends, i wanted to make sure the hat fit.  it did, but it wasn't as slouchy as i thought it would be.  the ribbed band was looser than i planned.  i guess i should have knit for a size smaller (is my head really child sized?) 

oh dear, this shot makes me look ill.  and look at my splotchy freckles!  i promise i don't look so grey (or annoyed) in real life...

i just wasn't happy with this hat.  it felt wrong.  i think the yarn wants to be something else.  i think it wants to made into something intarsia with brown yarn.  maybe mittens, something i thought about earlier?

before i frogged, i took pictures to show what could have been.  i loved that green band.  nowhere else in the skein was there enough of a section to make that band.

the top of the tam, blocked with a plate.  the other thing that discouraged me was that my count was off in the decreases.  i did ssk/k2tog for a slight seam and swore up and down that i tracked my decreases, but in the end i had 15 stitches left when i needed 12.  i wish i knew how that happened!  any who, the goofy decreases were enough for me to rip it good.

isn't this yarn luscious?  it'll find its way someday.  like i said, i'm thinking intarsia with brown yarn.  maybe mittens?  maybe another hat?  time will tell.

while i was in a rippin' mood, petunia's daisy sweater also got frogged.  nice yarn, but i just can't face knitting a kid's sweater right now.

i also frogged a hat i started knitting a while back - a swirled tammy hat from a knitting magazine (i didn't have it logged in my WIPs on ravelry).  you can see how much interest and hope i had for the thing - it didn't even warrant a picture.

oh well.  now i have extra needles for vacation.  what, don't you take your needles on vacation?

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