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Monday, April 9, 2012

this is what a tax refund looks like

someone got his braces off!

braces on!

braces off!

my kid really is happy to have his braces off!

in addition to the goody bag the boy got from the orthodontist (full of gum, popcorn, hard pretzels, and gummy candies), we planned got him licorice, tootsie rolls, swedish fish, gummy cola bottles and fruit roll ups (oh how i've missed the fruit roll ups and candies.  it was the only way i could get fruit into this kid!)

the following day the boy was sent home early from barfing in class and at recess.  maybe he had a stomach bug, but i think it was from eating all the junk food.

in a few weeks he'll go back for his permanent retainer.  and yes, we used part of last year's tax refund to pay off those suckers.  you know you're a grown up when you use your tax refund for something other than fun stuff.  (actually, i don't think we've used our tax refund for fun stuff since the boy was wee.  our tax refund always go towards credit card payments or, of all things, paying property tax.  sucks being a grown up).

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