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Sunday, May 20, 2012

fit for a princess

if heaven was tactile, it would feel like 3IG springvale dk.

i decided to use my hank of you are my sunshine to knit something for petunia.  i decided on princess becos i thought she should have a little shawl.  she likes playing with my shawls and draping afghans over her shoulders, and there was no one more deserving that she.

i knit princess on size 6 needles.  i omitted rows 7 and 8 in the second lace section as i was afraid of running out of yarn.  i did a regular bind off instead of the pattern bind off as i didn't think i'd have enough yarn, and i didn't have any 3IG contrasting yarn for the border.  i considered using leftover wollmeise held with a gold yarn for the border, but i really didn't want to mix the yarns as the springvale felt so good.  project is raveled here.

this was my first time using 3IG and boy, i know what i'm asking for for christmas - a gift cert to her shop!  it was fabulous to knit with and felt so squishy and soft.  this yarn bloomed as soon as it hit the water, and even while waterlogged felt incredible.  the shawl grew twice its size when i pinned it out.

a close up of the lace pattern.

arty nature shot.

self gratuitous action shot - petunia won't have anything to do with the ruddy shawl, so it was up to me to show it off.

it meant a lot to me to make something for petunia with this yarn.  i consider her my miracle baby.  well, all of my children are miracle babies, but until she was born, i was convinced that i could only conceive and carry a boy child to term.  both of my miscarriages felt like girls.  when i dream of my lost children, they are girls who look like petunia, except with brown hair.  i dearly love the boy and freddie beans, and i would have been happy to have three boys, but there's just something about having a little girl.  (i realize i'll be dining on crow when she's older.)  with her tinkly giggle and lyrical voice, she really is my little ray of sunshine.

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