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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i'm taking the joy dare - this is what i'm grateful for this week.  feel free to share what you're grateful for in my comments!

my dad's birthday is this week and this is what i'm grateful for...

that dad can finally enjoy some rest and peace in his retirement

dad's thriftiness and love of yardsaleing

sharing his love of books and reading with me and my kids

helping hubby with tricky house repairs

that dad got to walk me down the aisle after his first heart surgery, and that he gets to play with his grandchildren after his second one

dad's patience with me when i was a wild and wooly punk/hippie wannabe in high school and college

dad's encouragement when i was in school and with my jobs.

when i was a little girl, dad had a great garden full of tomatoes, spring onions and peas.  i stink at gardening but maybe someday i'll have one like his.

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