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Sunday, May 13, 2012

letters from mom

this month the boy is making a time capsule in school.  he gathered pictures, a tape measure with his current height marked on it, and other odds and ends.  he'll get the box back in ten years (presumably at graduation).

a note was sent home for the parents to include a letter to our child.  i've had the paper for nearly a month and although i know what i want to say, i'm having a hard time writing it down.  i couldn't help but think about what will happen during the next decade - the growth of my children, the aging of my parents and grandmothers, and even myself and hubby.  at one point i had to put the paper away becos the thoughts made me want to cry.

a decade ago we made the decision to start our family.  what a wild ride that's been!  the road to parenthood and motherhood hasn't been without bumps and detours, and it's what made me the mom that i am today.

i tell my children that i love them every day, and try to complement them on things they do (and don't do!)  but life gets busy and i sometimes forget.  these letters sum up my feelings.

dear boy,

i am so proud that you're my boy.  you are a kind, generous boy, sharing everything from a smile, a helping hand, or even your tiny toy car.  i love how you care for your little brother and sister.  you're a smart boy.  i wish i had your energy!  i look forward to watching you grow up and become the man that i see glimpses of.

love always,


dear freddie beans,

you are my still water that runs deep.  i love looking into your dark eyes with wonder what you're thinking about.  you're my little thinker, and you make me laugh when you give me that devilish look of yours.  i can't wait to watch you grow up to be my little einstein.

love always,


dear petunia,

you, my dear, are fiercely independent and strong willed.  you come from a long line of independent, strong willed women.  you also have a giggle that brightens my day and a sweet fairy voice that makes my heart sing.  i could spend hours brushing your gossamer hair (when you let me!). i can't wait to watch you become a smart, beautiful young lady who will no doubt have the world on a string someday.

love always,


dear mackenzie and annelise,

while your time on earth was entirely too brief, i hold you in my heart.  i learned bittersweet lessons, losing you, but you made me more appreciative of what i have, and remind me to enjoy the little things and let go of things that don't matter.

love always,


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