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Monday, June 4, 2012

book reviews

i haven't done a knitting novel review in ages.  i read a few books recently and thought i should share my thoughts on them...

i got some of these books for christmas; the pattern book i got at MDSW:

i took knit in comfort by isabel sharpe on vacation to canada but never got a chance to read it.  when we came home i took the book and read it during bath time (it's the only time i really get to read.  sorry if TMI...)

knit in comfort is a story about a group of women - a southern version of sex and the city if you will - and their knitting group.  an inquisitive stranger, elizabeth, moves into town and into megan's garage apartment, befriending megan's knitting friends, her family and eventually shedding light on megan's ancestry (her great grandmother knitted fine shetland lace in the shetland islands, a storyline that parallels the main story), her knitting talent, and a deep dark secret from megan's past.  both women are unhappy with their current lives and must decide whether to they are strong enough to move on and create new lives for themselves.

the story was okay.  the "deep dark secret" icked me out, pushy elizabeth made me want to kick her in the shins, and i couldn't stand megan's dishrag personality.  i enjoyed the side story to the point that i wished the author embellished more on megan's ancestors.

this book has no knitting patterns (boo - i would have loved a simple shetland lace pattern) nor recipes (although megan is described as a good cook and baker).  i felt so meh about this book - i see it's final destination will be the book exchange at country inn and suites when we go on vacation later this month.

a life in stitches by rachael herron is a delightful memoir where rachael described special times in her life by what she was knitting at the time.

sweaters, afghans, shawls all remind the author of her first apartment, her mother and relationships with past and current loves.  rachael writes the saucy cypress hollow knitting series and this book was a nice departure from those books.

while i'm not too keen on heron's cypress hollow books, i loved this book.  i loved how this book showed how herron grew up with both knitting and life.  this book also includes a pattern for a hot water bottle sweater which is cute.

sweater quest by adrienne martini is a fun story of one woman's journey of knitting a sweater

the author wanted to knit an alice starmore sweater and described how she obtained the pattern for mary tudor, matching colors of yarns required, learning intarsia skills, and getting over her fear of steeks.  martini also shares background on the elusive starmore, a story i never heard.  now i understand why knitters enjoy the challenge of a starmore sweater - many of starmore's books are out of print and finding one will set you back a heap of money.  no patterns in this book (she who must not be named would probably sue if she did) and i was a little disappointed that martini didn't include pictures of her sweater in progress.  maybe she wasn't allowed to.  but her FO is on martini's ravelry page and it's stunning.  i wish i had the patience to knit a sweater like that!

i don't know why i didn't get a cover shot of my knitting book but here are a couple cute illustrations in the book:
Untitled Untitled

the booklet includes patterns for afghans, a baby set, hats, placemats and knitted toys.  the patterns are a mix of crochet and knitting, and are good basic patterns to use as a beginner knitter.  but really, i bought it for the illustrations.  i love me a good vintage knitting book.

these books make for easy summer reading.