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Saturday, June 16, 2012

creamed beans

when i was a little girl my mom made creamed green beans.  when i go to farmer's market i like to pick up beans and make this dish for my family.

first, pick over and rinse a quart of green or yellow beans.  trim the stem off and if desired, cut the beans into bite sized pieces.  i decided to leave the beans whole today.

in a large sauce pan with lid, steam beans with a quarter cup of water over medium heat.  when beans are slightly softened, sauté beans with a stick of butter (cut into small pieces).

add a quarter cup of milk and stir to prevent the beans from burning...
Untitled Untitled

slowly sauté and stir until milk and butter becomes "clotty" or curdy...

this dish takes about a half hour to make.  don't rush it, and don't cook over high heat or the beans and milk will burn.

the milk and butter mixture makes a fine sweet/salty sauce for the beans.  i could make a meal out of this alone.

if memory serves, i think mom added finely minced onion to the beans, but i prefer them plain.  this dish serves 4 people or two adults and three kids with little leftover.  it tastes awesome even reheated.

enjoy the summer's bounty of beans!

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