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Sunday, June 17, 2012

my two dads

it's father's day and i'd love to share a couple tidbits about my dad and my FIL.

my dad writes calligraphy.  when he was a pastor, he'd fill out marriage certificates, baptismal booklets and confirmation certificates in beautiful copperplate.  he had several fountain pens - most of them used ink cartridges.  i remember when i was little, he had a small bottle of black ink in his desk.  i used to hold it up and watch the fluid slosh around inside, and it had a distinct smell that permeated the desk.  when i was ten he gave me a calligraphy kit, with a pen and a dozen ink cartridges.  i tried but i can't write as nice as dad.

calligraphy is a dying art.  occasionally i find stories about people who use their writing talents for invitations or artwork.  maybe i should dig that kit out and try writing again.  i'd love to carrying on my dad's writing tradition.

my father in law is well known in our community for his distinctive handlebar mustache.  he's worn it for years, before funky mustaches became vogue.  a few years ago we got pop this t-shirt for christmas:
The Man, The Myth, The Mustache T-Shirt
it's safe to say that i won't be growing a handlebar mustache soon.

happy father's day daddy and pop!

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