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Saturday, June 30, 2012

homemade biff burgers

when i was growing up, we used to pass the biff-burger restaurant on the way to my grandparents'.  situated smack dab in middle of the growing golden strip, it was one of the few food joints that wasn't part of a big chain.  we rarely stopped at fast food restaurants but i used to wish we'd stop so i could have a treat.  the restaurant closed many years ago, and i can count on one hand how many times i went there.

i don't remember ever getting a "biff burger" but the sandwich sounded intriguing.  a while back i made the secret sauce from a recipe i found online, and recently learned that a local grocery store made and sold the sauce.  during one of my "mom days" i drove to the store (it's a half hour away) and picked up a couple containers of sauce.  the cashier actually asked me if i was young enough to remember the restaurant.

hubby grilled a few burgers and dogs...

and i dipped the burgers in the sauce.  not the same as the original (the burger was grilled with a special grill apparatus and if memory serves, the buns were buttered and grilled...)

yes, i ate two burgers.

here's a linky to the special sauce recipe - it's fairly easy to make.

enjoy "biff burgers" at your next cook out!

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