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Thursday, July 5, 2012

the lost weekend(s) (and weeks)

all apologies for the radio silence here - we vacationed in lancaster two fridays ago, attended my class reunion last friday and on saturday i got hit with the worst summer plague in the history of the world.  i spent last weekend pretty much unconscious and only yesterday started to feel some semblance of being human.

quite a bit happened in that span of two weeks, so here are the highlights:

- took the kids to day out with thomas at the strasburg railroad.

- visited the choo-choo barn

- spent my sephora gift cert and bought an apple tv, but not before making our first visit to urgent care with the boy (respiratory infection and groveled for an inhaler).

- ate at shady maple and shopped at goods store

- bought $85 yarn (yes, you read that right) at labadie looms

- took the kids to dutch wonderland, lapped roller coasters with the boy, and ate at cici's pizza

- left vacation early and skipped shopping for produce/bulk goods/amish meats and cheeses so i could take the boy and petunia to the doctor for their plague colds

- did obnoxious amounts of wash

- attended my class reunion dinner and saw classmates i hadn't seen since graduation

- attended the boy's first soapbox derby (he came in last)

- caught the plague (both respiratory and intestinal).    and i had to skip the class family picnic becos of it. :(

- finished my mystery shawl

i'm still digging my way out of the past two weeks.  so many neat things happened that i'll blog in bits instead of one huge post.  

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