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Thursday, June 7, 2012

a good cause

i talked with a sweet lady at the hospital when i went for some tests.  she saw me knitting a hat and asked me what i was doing.  during our conversation i learned that she lived in the same retirement facility as hubby's grandmother and that she belonged to a knitting group there.  they made lap afghans, hats and baby blankets for the nursery in the hospital and basically for anyone in need.  they used donated yarn for their projects and she said she preferred small blankets to hats.

when i got home later that day i dug through my stash.  i had a lot of baby yarn left over from the kiddos, and i don't see any more babies in my family in the future.  i found blue yarn that was meant for a baby blanket.  i dug out the canadiana that i got at beiters a few years ago - one colorway had two skeins but the dye lots were radically different; another skein was in babyish colors that i doubt a baby in my family would want anyway.  i gave up two skeins of marshmallow yarn that i planned to use for baby blankets but didn't, along with some partial skeins that i thought the ladies could use for edging.  i found skeins of acrylic that i know i will never use again.

the bag on the left contains skeins of yarn that belonged to hubby's great aunt.  i wrote about her knitting basket in detail here.  she left a lot of yarn that was doing nothing but collecting dust in the craft room.  it deserved better than that, so i decided to pass it on (for the record, i kept a skein of purple that she was knitting, plus the booties she made).

i purchased this yarn at a store that closed a year before the boy was born - it was intended to be a baby blanket for our first baby.  it was a pretty aqua color becos we didn't want to know the gender of a baby and i thought the color could go either way.  i didn't knit at that point but wanted to learn.  it's probably the oldest yarn in my stash, and despite wanting to keep it, i know i won't knit with it.  it's better for it to go to someone who will appreciate it and make something beautiful with it.   


i stuffed the bags of yarn into a small garbage bag and i could barely tie it shut:

i hope the ladies can use the yarn and that it inspires them!

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