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Monday, June 25, 2012

i used to know this person

my hometown area has gotten a bit of notoriety in recent days regarding this.

i knew this woman - i went to school with her.  becos of the way our last names lined up in seating arrangements, we often sat near one another.  i used to be envious of her becos she always had pretty clothes, cool toys and was popular.  once she came to my house for supper (in first or second grade?) and we played barbies and records, and i showed her my baby pictures.  she was a great baton twirler and later became a cheerleader in high school.  she played clarinet in band.

as we progressed through high school, my preppy, pert friend slipped into a darker crowd.  she got pregnant during our senior year.  after graduation, naturally i lost touch with many of my classmates, she included.

last year we learned of the drug allegations.  last week we learned about how she allegedly did drugs with her daughter amongst other sickening allegations.  i feel so sad for my old friend, and how far she slipped away.  i have no idear how she got to this place in her life, and i cannot fathom how someone could neglect to care for and protect their child.

i pray that she and her daughter find their way back somehow.

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