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Sunday, June 24, 2012

square one

last sunday at church, the pastor announced that he was retiring in the fall.  after 17 years at the church and dealing with serious health issues over the years, he felt it was time to step out of the pulpit.

i wasn't really surprised by the announcement.  he and my dad went to seminary together and had about the same number of years in the ministry.  i'd heard whispers that he was looking forward to retirement and that it would be probably be within the next year, but i hadn't expected it to be so soon.

in spite of the announcement i cried, not becos i liked him so much (and i do, he has a similar preaching style as my dad and FIL) but becos it felt like i was losing my dad and church all over again.  i guess i counted on the pastor for being around while i adjusted to the new church.  the move has been hard for me and the pastor made me feel more comfortable.

it's funny how alone one can feel in church despite being surrounded by people.  and now i'm back to square one, except that not only do i have to get accustomed to a new church, but to a new interim pastor as well.

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