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Thursday, July 5, 2012

shopping on vacation

i swore i wasn't going to buy yarn on vacation.  oops!

driving back from shady maple, i asked if we could swing past labadie looms.  i visited there years ago and was curious to see what kind of spinning wheels they had.  they only had one in stock (ashford traveler), but i did find some yarn.

btw, i blame my mom.  these were things she liked.

Triumph - a boucle silk/mohair/wool blend.  i should have my head examined for buying boucle yarn.  $85 boucle yarn to be precise.  mom liked the shawl.  i need ideas for christmas.  should be a quick easy knit.

i tried to wind this hank on my swift.  it got all tangled up.  hence the yarn balls.  hrump.

Porche - mohair rayon with glitz.  dear bob, mohair.  i must have been insane.  mom liked this one too.  shawl will be easy too.

lancaster county rain - merino hand dyed with glitz.  this one is mine (and proof that i was of sane mind).  coral, green and sparkle - what's not to love?

blue heron yarns rayon metallic - loved the sparkle.

and i bought a braid of fiber - frabjous Blue Faced Leicester Roving in atlantis

not from labadie looms, but i spent my a4a cert at cephalopod yarns.  bought a skein of traveler in my shawl's colorway becos i thought i'd run short (i didn't) and the bottom skein is traveler in bird in hand.

the yarns i got are bulky weight, so they'll make quick knits.  right now i could use some quick knitting.

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