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Monday, August 20, 2012

it's a sickness, really, part 2

i'm slowly finishing up the third clue of the rockefeller.  i-cord bind off is a booger, let me tell you.  it's not hard, mind you, just takes to complete.

in the middle of knitting Rockefeller i heard about laura nelkin's trapeze mystery shawl kal.  this was another lace and bead shawl pattern, which used two colors of beads.  i searched for yarn in cleveland and bought 2 skeins of tosh merino light in dried rose before deciding to buy two skeins of tosh sock in steam age.  i bought a couple colors of beads that coordinated with either colors - the ones i don't use i can use for a future project.

why did i choose steam age?  most of my shawls are either green or purple.  actually, the majority of my stash is green, purple or blue.  i have very little grey in my stash, and i liked the tarnished color of steam age.  of course it has a bit of magenta and peacock blue spotted throughout.  what can i say?  i like purple and blue-green.

you know those ads they have at the bottom of ravelry pages?  those things are the work of the devil - i lose more money to them!  anywho, i saw an ad for malice in wonderland.  as the name suggests, it sounds like a doozy of a KAL.  i'm always up for a challenge tho, so i bought the pattern and stash dived for yarn.  as luck had it, i had the perfect "widely variegated" fingering weight with enough yardage for the shawl, but i needed to find a coordinating solid to go with it.  the dried rose tosh would fit the bill, but i put it in destash on rave and as luck had it, someone wanted to buy it (from denmark, no less).  i sighed, prayed to the karma gods, and took the yarn off destash and emailed the knitter back that unfortunately i couldn't sell it (thankfully she understood).  this KAL begins in a few weeks, but i'll be knitting on trapeze, so it'll have to wait.

if two KALs weren't enough, i found this TBA KAL.  beads and garter ridges.  i just need to dig up 720 yards of sport weight!

i also bought yarn to make the kiddos hoot cardigans.  i have no idear when i'm going to knit these!

my name is k1k2, and i'm addicted to shawl knit alongs.  help me!

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