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Thursday, August 23, 2012

first day of school

the start of school came early for us this year (it seems so, anyway).  the boy is moving into the third grade and will have his first male teacher.  he seemed pretty excited to start school.
2012-08-23 07.34.08

the kiddos will start preschool at the boy's old preschool down the alley.  it's at the church we currently attend, and we are happy the kiddos can go there now.

the boy's teacher retired a couple years ago so there's a new teacher.  the kiddos will be going to school a half an hour longer than the boy did when he was in school, which gives me more "me" time during the week.  score!

making the choice to send the kiddos to preschool was actually out of left field.  while they would be eligible to attend becos their birthdays beat the cutoff (by mere weeks), they weren't potty trained until recently, and in the past kids had to be potty trained to attend school.  since the boy's birthdate hit after the cutoff, he was nearly a year older than most of the kids in his class.  this time around, the kiddos are the youngest by several months.

a couple weeks ago at church the pastor encouraged us to enroll the kiddos.  he knew they turned three and were eligible that way, plus they relaxed the potty training rule to "mostly trained" for the 3 year old class.

hubby and i talked about this at length and came up with some conclusions.  the kiddos would benefit from the structure of a class room and learn to become more independent.  going to school might bring freddie out of his shell, and hopefully mellow out petunia.  they would learn to share and interact with other children.  hubby also pointed out it would give me more "me" time and a much deserved break from caring for the kiddos all day.  the grandparents also thought going to school now would be beneficial and encouraged us to enroll them.

i was more worried about finances - i figured we'd save money this year and send the kiddos next year. we decided that what money we spent on diapers and wipes and other supplies would go towards tuition costs and we'd be okay.

the other thing i worried about was whether there'd be space in class for them.  when we enrolled the boy, i always applied early (like early winter) becos class space filled up quickly and there was a waiting list for spots.  our pastor assured us that there was plenty of space for the kids.  in fact, enrollment was down, most likely due to the economic climate.  at the open house a few days ago, i learned that the kiddos' class would be small, smaller than the boy's class.  3 kids per teacher was a good ratio in my book.

this morning we got dressed, fed, brushed and cleaned.  the kiddos eagerly picked up their back packs and we were ready to roll!
(strictly a glamour shot.  the kiddos must hold my hand walking down the alley!)

when the kiddos ran to their new classroom, i knew things would be okay.

amazingly enough, i didn't cry.  (i think i was just so grateful for the 2.5 hour break!)

also, i may have run around the house, a la home alone...

here's to a new school year, full of new beginnings and milestones!

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