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Monday, August 6, 2012

kdo mittens

i completed one project for the ravellenic games - a pair of mittens for my kdo registration.  they are my kdo mittens (original name, yes?)


knitted on size 5 circs, i magic looped the mittens so the rows would be even (becos i am anal retentive like that).  the yarn is knit picks brava worsted in coral - brava is *gasp* acrylic yarn.  i know i've documented my loathing for acrylic yarn many times in this space, but honestly - brava isn't bad.  not bad at all.  soft, easy to knit with and my wrists didn't hurt like they do when i knit with acrylic (altho my hands did get sweaty while i knitted but it was also 90 odd degrees fahrenheit too).  now, i didn't knit a swatch and wash it, so i have no idear what the finished product is like after a run through the washer and dryer.  but if i had to knit something for a kid and couldn't find something decent in superwash, i'd probably go for this instead.

this yarn is quite ample, and i had plenty left over that i started a matching hat.

sorry for the yarn review.  this really was supposed to be all about the mittens.

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