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Sunday, August 5, 2012

play ball!

i won a trip through our local newspaper several months ago.  3 days, 2 nights at a hotel of our choosing (per the approved hotels list in the trip packet), plus a $50 debit card.  we wanted to go to philly but the only hotel on the list was out of town with no bus, taxi or subway accessibility.  so we chose to go to cleveland and bought tickets for a baseball game.

we stayed at the lovely wyndham at playhouse square, located in the theatre district and a walkable distance to the ballfield.  it had an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna (hallmarks of a fancy hotel - for me anyway) and we had a nice view of lake erie from our room.  plus, the hotel had awesome toiletries - i rarely use them and bring my own - but i liked the shampoo and soap (the soap was a nubby massage bar) and the smell made me feel pampered.  supposedly they come from bath and bodyworks, and i smuggled some samples home to take to my local shop, so i could grovel for something similar.

driving past progressive field, home of the cleveland indians! Untitled

hubby got us awesome seats behind third base.  here's the view of the scoreboard...

and here's our view of the infield.  so cool. Untitled

what's that in the corner of the stadium?  that's a wind turbine.  in conjunction with cleveland state university the stadium installed the turbine this year as part of a living green initiative.  the university is looking for ways to create wind turbines for urban and and confined spaces.  being so near the lake, the stadium gets awesome breezes.  at night, LED lights twinked from red to blue.  it was fascinating to watch.  incidentally, the indians are the first major league baseball team to install a wind turbine.
Untitled Untitled

under the lights at night...

we had enough time to take in a second game - hubby was in baseball heaven.  for us, it's a real treat to take in a baseball game, let alone two!

the tribe did well the first night, but sucked the second - we left at the end of the eighth inning.

i surprised myself by getting excited and involved with the games.  i brought a sock to knit on, but there were so many foul balls being hit our way that i put my needles away, afraid that i'd get hit by a ball and impaled by a needle.  i worked on my sock at the second game, but only during innings.

we're thinking about taking in a game for future vacations.  we liked our hotel and the games are a blast - makes a nice little trip for mumsy and popsy!  the boy was a little disappointed that we went to a game without him, but hubby thought maybe we could go to baltimore or philly for game (much closer for us).  also, cleveland is close to twinsburg, where there is a twins festival every year.  the kiddos are still too little for it, but we're hoping that next year we can go and take in a game.  

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