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Saturday, August 4, 2012


we got to enjoy some treats after our trip to cleveland.

goulash and spaetzle from das schnitzel haus.  it heated up well and tasted great.  the gravy was beef instead of tomato as we're accustomed to, but it was delicious, especially with the spaetzle.

perogies from the perogie palace from west side market.  some mixed feelings here.  they look beautiful (just look at that braided edge) and were good sized dumplings, but they seemed to be more dough, less filling.  i gave mom and dad some of my perogies and she fried them with onions and found them very chewy and doughy.  i cooked mine potsticker style with butter and they seemed more cooked, but the still more chewy to my taste.  hubby boiled his and they turned out tender.  i guess if we got these again i'd boil them first then fry them up.  also, these perogies go a looooong way... i ate four of them and probably only needed two (probably all the dough).  they are very filling.

cheese on the left, german on the right...

the filling of the german perogie.  there were bits of bacon in there.  mom thought they were bacon bits. she didn't care for the german dumplings.

roast beef pasty from reilly's...

i thought there'd be gravy in the pasty but it was dry - just diced potatoes, carrots and beef.  but sooo good...while the filling is savory, the pastry is sweet!  this pie was so filling, i gave hubby half of it.  he liked it too.

we also noshed on cupcakes and the cream horn (it was really sweet for my taste), and cheese popcorn, and cookies from whole foods (that's not a big deal but since we get to WF rarely, it was a treat).

i love how the food memories linger on, long after the suitcases have been unpacked.

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