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Saturday, October 20, 2012

slouchy red hat

after dealing with a knitting drought, i made a slouchy hat in screaming red.

pattern is my go-to basic tam pattern by ann budd.  yarn is sirdar click chunky with wool in a hot red color.  my mods to the pattern is that i use a smaller needle (in this case, a US6) for the brim and the body of the hat was knit on a US8.  i used the swirl decrease.  
Untitled Untitled

dang, hot red is hard to photograph.  you can kinda see the swirl there...

last week i played hooky from church sorted my stash by weight and put it in large rubbermaid storage tubs in an effort to prevent infestation and also make it easier to find yarn, as i have stash in all sorts of locations around the house.  this yarn is a couple years old (i honestly don't remember buying it, but according to my rav notes i bought it at swishers which makes me think it's mercy yarn).  my knitting was nil, and i needed a quick knit project.  the yarn was chunky weight, in a cheerful color, perfect for a quicky hat.

i tried to take pictures of me wearing the hat but i look so ghastly, hence why jolie chapeau is modeling slouchy.  the hat's a bit big on me, but that's okay.  some day i'll have long hair again, and will fit nicely inside the hat.

i need more hats.  time to stash dive!

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