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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

stephen west mystery KAL

back in the summer i joined rockefeller, stephen west's mystery KAL for this year.  for four weeks, stephen released a clue every friday.  i chose dream in color smooshy in cocoa kiss for the border and aisling yarns merino superwash in finnigan's rainbow for the contrasting color.

here's week one's clue.  the new skill i learned with this clue was how to do a german short rows.

Untitled Untitled

i slacked and neglected to get shots of clues 2, 3 and 4.  so to catch you up...

completed shawl, showing my mods, pre blocked.


close up of clue #4, the arm...


close up of clue 3 - the edge - i love the body of the shawl.


close up of clue one and clue two...


as i was running out of my variegated yarn, i had to make some modifications.  to wit: for clue number four, the "wings" of the shawl were an 8 row pattern - four rows of alternating colors, decreasing on the third and seventh rows.  i decided to do 20 rows of 4X4, then switched to 2X2, decreasing on the first and third rows.  it made for a short wing.  for the other side, i did four rows in the dark yarn then cast off in i-cord.  the mods made my shawl more of a short wrap.

post-block.  my shawl grew, but not by much.

Untitled Untitled

i was cooking with the first two clues of the pattern, but then the ravellenic games hit and i lost momentum that i never got back.  i almost wished i stuck with the kal and bagged the games.  it was so hard to work on this after losing my mojo.  running low on yarn also didn't help.  i guess i could have bought another skein of finnigan's rainbow but i didn't feel like it.  i was quickly losing interest in this project and just wanted it done.  i like stephen's designs - he's so innovative - but sadly, i peter out in the middle of them (see also, earth & sky).

my shawl is finished, just in time for autumn wear!  

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