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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

help is here!

a few weeks ago i wrote about my stranded owl hat, and how i ran out of the main color.  i meant to email the mannings with my quandary but caught the zombie plague which put me out of knitting commission for a couple of weeks.  on monday i finally emailed the shop and explained that i ran out of yarn, had several rows to go on the chart, and was there a way i could obtain more yarn. i was hoping they'd spare several yards for me to complete the hat, but i was willing to buy the yarn becos i really wanted to finish the hat.

yesterday i got an email from the shop, where they explained that the hat designer discovered that she underestimated the amount of yarn the hat required and sent the shop extra yarn in the dye lot.  the problem was, the shop didn't know who bought the kits.  mannings were happy to send me my extra yarn at no charge.  i was ecstatic!  and today the mailman brought me my package of yarn!


i can't wait to finish hooty!

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