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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the zombie flu

the zombie flu seems to be in the house.

i was the last of our bunch to get sick.  after 10 days, two antibiotics and a couple nights of chills and sweats, i'm still sick.  i lost 8 pounds over the past week becos the meds made me sick to my stomach and i couldn't keep any food down.

hubby got sick before i did, and is feeling better, although he still hacks up a lung each morning.

freddie started with the runny nose and fever on saturday and seems to be on the mend.

petunia started sunday.  she coughs like she's got whooping cough.

the boy's wet cough returned yesterday, and i foresee a trip to the doctor for him in the future, since the first go around for him resulted in bronchitis, zithro and preds.

we need a break from all this illness.  the other parents/grandparents at preschool today looked at me like i was typhoid mary.

this is the fourth round of antibiotics since july.  i've felt rundown for months, especially since my last cold in september.  sometimes i wish someone would knock me out for a couple of weeks, so my body can heal.  

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