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Saturday, November 3, 2012


i cut back on my sweets becos of my diabetes, but i allowed myself some treats only if they were homemade.  to wit:  pie!

grams used to make pumpkin pie for us and it was a treat for fall.  i couldn't wait for it to get cool enough to bake.  

grams used the recipe on the can of pumpkin pie filling, but i use canned pumpkin and add my own spices.  it makes a ton of batter, enough for two pies and a couple of ramekins.  honestly, i should just make the filling in ramekins - forget the pie crust!

petunia helped out by testing the filling.  a topping of cool whip finished off the pie.

i kept a pie and sent the other home with mom and dad.  they ate half of it at my house.  and they were supposed to share it with grams!  ours lasted a bit longer - 3 days.  i couldn't pig out on it becos holy hanna did it raise my blood sugars!


grams' other pie specialty was apple pie.  this is more like a tart as there is no crust on top.  basically a mixture of flour/brown/white sugar, pared apple halves and bits of apples, sprinkled with brown sugar, fill the shell with milk, then sprinkled with cinnamon.

what frankenstorm?  i have PIE.  the pie on the left went home with mom and dad to share with grams. i figured i owed it to them since i sent my sick kids for a weekend visit.

i don't make my own pie crust - frozen pie shells suffice for me.  some day i WILL attempt my own pie crust, but it won't be today.


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