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Friday, November 2, 2012

weathering the storm

we prepared for hurricane sandy...

we filled bottles, pots and buckets with water
Untitled Untitled

in case we lost power, we were going to use the battery candles for light

putting the candles hubby got me from christmases past to good use

cookies and banana bread to nourish us

moved the porch furniture just in case

the barometer overflows

we expected the winds to whip and while there were gusts, it wasn't as bad as we thought.  i thought our old house would creak and rattle but there was barely a groan.  hubby said it was becos we're in the valley, which helped break the wind.  we had a few inches of rain but thankfully no water in the cellar. hubby fixed our rain barrels beforehand so the water ran down into the lower yard.

we are grateful that we didn't lose any power nor have any storm damage outside.  my thoughts are with those who lost their homes during this terrible storm.  

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