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Thursday, November 1, 2012

raggedy anne and andy

the kiddos' halloween party at school was delayed by one day due to the storm.  they wore last year's costumes becos i bought them big enough to last a couple of years, they wore them only once last year,  plus i'm cheap.

freddie wasn't too happy with his costume.  it was a bit short and snug.  petunia's fit but was on the short side as well.  i took a pair of jeans for freddie to change into after the costume parade.  he refused to wear his cap and i didn't fight him.  it was enough to get him to wear the suit.

walking to school...

photo op!

for being grumpy about his costume, freddie is happier than petunia...

the kiddos and their class of fuzzed faces (and spiderman too)!

the class paraded around the hallway and got treats from the church secretary and another parishioner.  they came home with a ton of treats.  i'm seriously considering snitching a pack of pringles.  finder's fee, ya know?

sadly i have no pictures of the boy in his costume.  he wanted to be a gunslinger from some game he plays on his iPod.  since he's not allowed taking a toy gun to school, i made a gun holster from a piece of textured felt (it looked like hand tooled leather) that i slipped on his belt.  a plaid shirt and a vest from goodwill, a straw hat from target and his sheriff's star from our trip out west and he was good to go.  he won a prize at his halloween fall fest party at school - a jar of candy becos he guessed the closest number of pieces in it.  i also took him trick or treating around the neighborhood and he got a decent haul.  he gave me a tootsie roll for taking him - i took a mini snickers bar.  finder's fee, right?

halloween is in our rearview mirror now, and we are looking forward to thanksgiving which will be here before we know it.  i have a feeling november is going to fly by.

i am also remembering my first baby, who departed this world ten years ago today.  i don't think i'll ever think of halloween or all saint's day without thinking about mackenzie.

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