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Monday, November 12, 2012

stranded hooty call

i've been cranking on my stranded celtic owl hat.  i started late last week, and i'm about 2/3 of the way finished.  i'm more than halfway through the chart.  it's been a fairly quick knit, considering i'm a slow continental knitter.


i have one concern tho...i'm nearly out of my blue yarn.  it's one of the main colors for the hat.  and i have several rows yet to go in the chart, not to mention it's important for the crown decrease. i'm not sure who makes up the kits, the LYS or the designer, but i think they didn't estimate for enough yarn.  now, when i cast on, i overshot by about 10 inches, but that's still not enough to make up what i'm missing.  and i have a ton of gold and grey yarn (accent colors) left.  i plan to email the LYS and grovel for more yarn, but i fear that i'll probably have to pay for the extra yarn.  sigh

knitting a stranded hat has taught me something about myself.  it's quickly proving that i may be more of a project knitter than a process knitter.  i just want this hat DONE.

i have another hat by the designer - the chickadee tam.  i can't wait to start that one when i'm finished with hooty.  

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