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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cowboy big kid

i did get pictures of the boy dressed in his halloween costume, albeit a few days late.  he wanted to be a gunslinger from a video game he plays.  he wasn't allowed to have a gun at school (duh) so i had to get creative with the costume.


the shirt and vest came from the goodwill store.  the gunslinger wore tan pants and a tan coat in the game but i thought this made a good cowboy costume.  he needed belts to hold his pants up anyway, so i made a gun holster with a belt and a piece of felt cut into a holster shape.  i slipped the felt onto the belt and voila - gun holster!

the felt i bought looked like hand tooled leather.  bonus!

a straw cowboy hat from target...sheriff's star courtesy of our vacation out west years ago...and we have the most rootin' tootin' big kid cowboy of the northeast!

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