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Monday, December 3, 2012

barbies get cold too

last month i gave petunia my case of barbie doll clothes.  barbies were my favorite toys when i was little, and i hoped that one day i could share my love with my little girl.

a lady at my childhood church made barbie clothes, and once she invited my mom and me to her house to pick out several outfits.  she made skirts and pants, blouses and jackets, dresses of all kinds.  i picked several evening gowns, a couple of skirts and blouses, and even a silk wedding gown and pillbox hat veil.

i hadn't played with my barbies for years, and it was fun looking at the clothes she had.  petunia would give me a dress to put on her doll then walk away.  i also discovered that my barbie clothes really don't fit the dolls of today.  they are snugger in the waist and and huge in the chest.  i guess that means barbie is more realistic than the dolls of my childhood.

anyway, i was delighted to find this in the clothes - a sweater!

(gee what a craptastic picture!)

mrs. k matched the buttons to the yarn.  they completely match.  amazing.

petunia's tinkerbell doll modeling the sweater (plus a skirt).  look how big it is on her!

sweater in action.  perhaps a turtleneck will fill out the sweater?

the lady who made those clothes passed away recently.  i hadn't seen in her nearly 20 years.  i wonder if she was still making barbie clothes and knitting?  i hope she knew how much i loved her clothes, and the hours of fun i had dressing my dolls, making up and acting out stories.

i found a couple of sweater patterns to make petunia's dolls sweaters (plus hats too!) on ravelry, and i spent a few hours on etsy looking up doll clothes.  there's a lot of lovely things out there!  maybe someday i can learn to sew barbie clothes too.

right now petunia is more interested in building with blocks and stealing freddie's cars, but i hope that someday petunia will enjoy playing with her dolls and the clothes too.  

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