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Sunday, December 9, 2012

little people nativity

one of our favorite christmas decorations is the Little People Christmas Nativity Play set.  we bought the set with the boy was wee.  during the holiday season it sat under the coffee where the boy could pull it out and play with it.  when we got rid of the table it took up residence under the christmas tree.  for the past couple of years i set it up for nostalgia's sake as the boy was too old to play with it and the kiddos didn't know how to play with it.  this year i set the box in the middle of the living room floor and petunia and freddie dumped it out and set it  up by studying the picture on the box.


(no, thomas didn't bring the wise men to the bethlehem, contrary to popular belief).

petunia likes to take the cart, fruit box and camel and play with them in the kitchen.  she shows me baby jesus.  this is the kiddos' first year of understanding christmas, and i love telling them the christmas story.


when we bought the boy's nativity set, we bought a second set and gave it to the nursery class at my old church.  we dedicated it to the memory of a little boy at our church, who died from meningitis earlier that year.  he was the same age as the boy, and our last memory was of him hugging the boy at bible school.  becos the boy was exposed i lived in fear for a week that the boy could get sick and die too, and in gratitude we gave the nativity set to the church.  in the years since many children played with the set.   i hope it brings enjoyment for years to come.

of all the toys we gave our children, this will be one we probably won't pass on when they outgrow it.  hopefully some day our grandchildren will play with it like the boy and the kiddos did.    

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