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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


done, done and DONE!

celtic owl hat, my first stranded project.  knitting two handed is a pain, but i love the result

this is a christmas gift for my dad.  shhhhh!

pre blocked...

more details...

top view.  i think i goofed the top up, but i don't think it's noticeable...

my floats...not too shabby!  the designer suggested knotting the ends together as they would felt when worn.  for the first half of the hat i wove in my ends...but dear bob is it a PITA, so for the rest of the hat i just knotted the ends out of sheer laziness.

my new favorite hat - rikke!

top of the hat...

arty shot of me modeling my hat.  i swear it's growing becos it seems more slouchy every time i wear it!

the million dollar albatross mom's shawl.

my shawl is crooked becos i started it back in the summer and when i picked it up i forgot to increase on the first and last stitch of each row, hence the shawl's weird shape.  at first it put me off, but when i put it on the "arms" of the shawl hang down the front and the shawl sits nicely on my shoulders.  my mom is not a "shawl wrapper" and i think she'll like this.  the pattern was to make a child sized shawl with fringe along the edge, but i kept on knitting until, as EZ puts it "knit until i was sick of knitting it".  i used only one ball of yarn.  i still have another ball of yarn (that would be for the matching mommy scarf).

i still have to make grams gloves, and i started knitting coffee cup cozies for the boy's teachers.  i have 5 of these things to knit.  i'm not in the mood for knitting (been hitting the books lately) - wish me luck!

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