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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

scenes from christkindl market

this year we visited mifflinburg's christkindl market with the kids.  we visited our favorite food and goodie sheds and i made my annual visit to the fiber shop (believe it or not, i walked out empty handed!)  it was a cold night, and the market was full of people when we arrived at the opening, but we had a good time.

the boy enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the christmas pyramid

visiting the peek a boo house

our little toy soldier and snowman

we nearly skipped going this year as we made plans to go to the christkindl markt in bethlehem, one of the largest in the country.  i made hotel reservations back in the summer for our family to go with my folks.  but we got the zombie flu, then mom got sick with near pneumonia, and we felt too run down to spend the weekend there, so i canceled.  honestly, our christkindl market seems so much nicer than the big one.

we look forward to christkindl market every year.  i love the goulash and stuffing ball;  hubby loves the schnitzel sandwiches and wursts from the german food stand (the line was halfway down the block by the time we left, and it was long when we first arrived!)  the kids ate homemade perogies and we took home kettle corn, cherry strudel and buttermilk cookies.  i also stocked up on honey candies (they help my cough).  we are so lucky to have a great christmas festival in our backyard.  

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