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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

tiny visitors

look what we found on our porch recently...

hello kitty!

the cats weren't afraid of us, in fact this one rubbed on my legs and sat up at the door, begging to come in.

kitty keeping it klassy.  not shy, this one.

kitty's sibling on our steps before ducking under the neighbor's truck.  both cats were on the porch.

we have no idear where they came from, but we think the neighborhood alley cat had sexyfuntimes and had a litter.  our borough is trying to find ways to deal with the problem.  but i for one am tired of the cats using my flower boxes as litter boxes, and i am afraid of letting the kiddos outside to play for fear they will get scratched or bit.

i love animals, and while cats are not my favorite animal, i don't want to see them hurt either.  i really wish people would take responsibility for their pets.  if they can't be bothered with properly caring for a pet, they shouldn't have one!

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  1. I think a leash law for cats is ridiculous. And as far as getting scratched/bit, I was taught as a child to never go near an animal whose owner I didn't know personally. And if the owner was there, to ask first. But my dad knew all the neighborhood pets. When I lived in the country, my ex's parents actually would take the cats in to the vet if they hung around for too long and get them their shots, worm meds, and spay/neutered if needed. It was so expensive, I still can't believe they did that.


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