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Sunday, January 13, 2013

blast from the past shawl

this is the first shawl i ever knit.  i made it seven (!!) years ago.  it's so old it doesn't have a ravelry page.  i guess i'll have to remedy that.


it's knitted with red heart (!!!) on (if memory serves) on size 10.5 needles.  interestingly it is knit sideways instead of from side to side.


when i still had a knitting group at my old church, i left my shawl on a quilter's rack, to be used by someone who was cold in church, or if someone wanted to pass it on as a prayer shawl.  when i stopped by the church a few months ago to pick up the Bible the boy got for a third grade milestone, i spied my shawl on the rack, half hidden by other small afghans, and filched it.  i think, sometime down the line, the new pastor may remove the rack and afghans, and they'll wind up at a rummage sale, and i didn't want my shawl to meet that fate.

it's fun to see how far my knitting has come, from this simple garter shawl, to the lacy nupped shawls i knit now.

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