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Monday, March 4, 2013

40 bags in 40 days - destash edition

i went through my stash recently and decided to sell some of it off.  there is yarn that i planned to use for baby layettes but never did, alpaca yarns that i love becos of their rich colors, yet the fibers irritate my nose and skin.  some yarn is from projects that i got all excited about but fizzled out, and some is yarn i bought as a newbie knitter years ago and know i'll probably never use.

i'm also selling off my bamboo DPNs and circulars as i have my signature needles and use my KP interchangeables as backups.  i've become accustomed of their sharpness and i don't think i can ever go back to the duller points of bamboo and wood.

just a sample of needles for sale...
5" DPNs by size Untitled Untitled

and some yarns to go with them...

i have a ton of patons that i bought with the intentions of making cloisonee mittens but petered out...

yarn from a swap...

left over from the knitting basking MM got at a chinese auction years ago...

muppet fur anyone?
teal fun fur

these are from the baby layettes i planned to knit.  the "babies" are now three and a half years old.  they are also from pre-miscarriage and they do carry a bit of taint for me.  i kept them for so long.  it is time for them to move on...
Universal Bella DK Dales Apricot

this yarn has bad juju!!  i tried to knit socks with it so many times...i gave up.  the damn ball lost some yardage as i tried to wind it back up.  cheap bad juju yarn!

i loved these yarns by mountain colors mountain goat and persimmon tree farm...but they are mostly alpaca, they make my nose sneeze and i itch when they touch my skin.
100_1677 100_1672

the stash i am selling is on my stash and trade page on ravelry.   i plan on selling my DPNs for $10 for the entire lot (the blue sky needles and tins are $10 for both sets) and i am selling the circs for $10 for the entire batch (14 pairs, starting with 8s up to 15s).  if you are interested, shoot me a message on ravelry or leave a note in the comment section here.

happy shopping!

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