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Sunday, March 3, 2013

love wins the giving tree

last week i received this in the mail.  i'd had an especially craptastic week, and it was a pleasant surprise.
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love wins.  this is an especially crummy picture, but i don't know if i could photograph it any better to do it justice.

the giving tree.

the yarn base is adorn sock, a luscious squishy yarn.  as with glimpse and YAMS, these skeins are going into my yarn vault, until the proper project comes along.

thank you to sharon of 3IG, for kindly creating these colorwise for a such a sad occasion.  thank you to all the fiber artists (and friends of) who donated over $10,000 (as of early january) to the my sandy hook family fund.  thank you to the knitters (and crocheters) of newtown who are cranking out squares for the dozens of blankets volunteers will be sewing up in the coming months.

love wins.  always.

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