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Saturday, March 30, 2013

punk rock cowl

remember my writing about maggie's cowl in this recent post?  i finally knitted up my version of the cowl!

this is a moebius cowl, long enough to wear wrapped twice, or as featured on the show.  i used madtosh dk in pop rocks - how 80s is that?  

it is so hard to photograph hot pink.
Untitled Untitled

remember that the original cowl had rivets.  i toyed with trying that, but since i wanted this to be a moebius, i used YOs to make eyelets instead.

cowl worn wrapped twice.

rav details are here!

punk rock cowl

worsted weight yarn, at least 200 yards.  i used less than a skein of mad tosh dk, so YMMV
US size 8 circular needle, 40 inches or longer
stitch marker

techniques used
moebius cast on, knit (K), purl (P), yarn over (YO), knit two together (K2Tog), cast off

remember that...
i use cat bordhi's moebius cast on - i linked it at the end of this page.

when knitting a moebius garter stitch scarf, you must knit one round, purl the next.

for binding off, you may want to use a needle a few sizes bigger than what you're knitting with, to ensure a loose, stretchy edge.

also, this pattern has not been tested or edited - WYSIWYG.

Cast on 150 stitches, or if you want more stitches, cast on in multiples of 5.  Place stitch marker at beginning of round.

Row 1:  knit
Row 2 (and all even rows) - purl
Row 3:  k1, *YO, k2tog, k3, repeat from *
Row 5:  k4, *YO, k2tog, k3, repeat from *, YO, k2tog
Row 7:  repeat row 3
Row 9, 11 and 13 - repeat row 5

For a wider scarf, repeat 13 row pattern.  Be warned;  the wider the scarf, the fewer wraps you get. 

garter stitch border (knit a row, purl a row) for one inch (6 rows total).

Cast off, using a decrease stitch method:

Knit two stitches together, put the new stitch back on the left hand needle, knit two stitches together, put that new stitch on the left needle...continue with this until all stitches are cast off.  Weave in ends.  Gently block cowl.

now go rock that hot cowl!

here's cat bordhi's youtube video of moebius cast on:

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