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Friday, January 17, 2014

I can make a rainbow too

I ordered this pretty before Christmas...

Then I decided to visit the frog pond...

Then I remembered this cardigan that had been buried in my attic for years, until I dug it up to unravel the yarn (except the fabric had been machine knit and therefore unravelable). But then I got an idea...

I bought this sweater 15 years ago at Martha's Vineyard. It was snug and short then, and still was. 
(What a horrible selfie!)

I wondered...what if I removed the zipper and knit a button band instead?  What if I picked up stitches along the hem and added a ribbed bottom?  It would solve the length problem, and maybe make the cardi a bit bigger.  The question was, what color to make the ribbing and button front?  Look what I have to work with...

If you've noticed a pattern with the yarn and cardi, you're right. I'm prepping for the ravellenic winter games on ravelry!  One of the themes of the games this year is knitting with rainbow dyed yarn, or knitting a rainbow project, as a reaction to the anti-homosexual laws passed in Russia. I dug through the stash and found yarn frogged from a long knitted hat. Then I remembered another hat that never fit right, so I frogged again. 

I'm playing on this team, who is also sponsoring the rainbowlenic games. 

This is a hat for an ongoing rainbow K/CAL in a parenting group (which has an awesome game name, team Putin Out).

My goals for these games will be to finish the hat from the KAL, make another hat with the other unravelled yarn, make a pair of socks with the lollipop yarn, and hopefully rejigger the cardi. Wish me luck!


  1. I love rainbow colored yarn they always make awesome socks. I hope your able to rejigger your cardigan. I enjoy participating in the Ravellnic games this year I am knitting socks, something with cables & a hat ( well I am going to try to do all that lol)

  2. Aren't the games fun? Sounds like you have some great projects in mind - good luck!

  3. I love that cardigan! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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