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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No more snow!

I am about to od on snow. We've gotten dumped on at least once a week since December. Just as it melts we have another storm. Throw in sub zero days and you've got one miserable winter. Whoever asked for all this snow got their wish. 

Petunia helping hubby shovel shortly after new year's...

First big snow of 2014. 

After the big storm two weeks ago. Our neighbor plows our parking space with his gator but this pile had no where to go. Ugh!

This Saturday's snow. Four inches my foot. More like ten!  The kids are standing on my tomato barrel in the back yard. We haven't had this much snow in years. 

This huge pile is courtesy of our driveway. The last time I saw a snow pile this tall was during my senior year in college in 1996. 

I played outside with the kids. We made snow angels and tried to make snowballs. 

Found this little guy nestled at the base of our apple tree. Poor thing was shivering. Even he agrees that this weather is for the birds!

I don't have pictures of our alley which is one big pile of snow and ice. I realize the borough's concern is the main streets but I wish they'd do a few extra passes in our alley and spread salt or cinders. I fell on some hidden ice walking to church on Sunday and I'm still feeling sore today. 

The kids missed a few days of school and had several delays. We lost one day for presidents' weekend and I don't know when we'll make up last week's missed day. I think we'll lose a day at Easter but I wouldn't be surprised if we go well into June. We're barely past the middle of February and there's still risk of more snow!  I remember getting snow in April!  

The snow days haven't been a complete waste. The kids enjoy playing outside end enjoy the cups of hot chocolate that wait for them when they come inside. Knitting feels cozy with snow fall. Probably my favorite thing about snowfall is the sound - or lack of it. I love to hear the whisper of flakes falling, a quiet stirring in the trees. 

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