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Friday, June 27, 2014


I am knitting a pair of socks. I am using nancy bush's gentleman socks in the ringwood pattern. Grumperina knitted socks in that pattern, and i thought I'd make my next pair with it as well. I was delighted to find that I actually HAD the pattern, in a book that I bought years ago but never used. 

It has been ages since I knitted from a book pattern, as the majority of my recent projects are from online sources. Many patterns are stored in my iBooks, and hubby found an app for me that allows me to mark off charts on my iPad. 

This got me thinking about how I obtain my patterns and it made me realize that I use more online patterns, and that it's been a long time since I purchase an actual pattern book. I looked at my rav stats and the numbers made me gasp:

I have 2253 patterns in my ravelry library. This includes pattern books I entered over the years plus online patterns I have purchased or gotten for free. 

I "faved" 4008 patterns. This includes both purchased, free and "I like it just 'cos" patterns. 

316 patterns are in my queue. My queued patterns started as a tickler file for projects I wanted to do, but a few months ago I cleaned it up and made it a "wish list" file for paid patterns that I liked. This is also the "gift" list, that if someone wanted to gift me a pattern, this would be the list to look at first. The list initially had absolute favorite patterns at the top but as I've added more patterns and the list grew, it became difficult to pick an absolute favorite.

I follow a few threads where ravelers post both free and paid patterns that become free with a code word.  The pattern section also has a highlight section that recommends newly released patterns that may be of interest. So, if you like knitting cowls or fancy stranded colorwork, the highlights will recommend patterns that feature your interests. I have found many beautiful patterns this way as well. Now wonder my queue and favorites is so big!

So, patterns. Lately I use my iPad for storing patterns. Another friend also uses her iPad for reading patterns, although many of hers are screen shots she takes of them. My other friends have paper patterns, which they store in plastic sheets in big binders. I used to store my patterns like that too, until I outgrew the binder and went to envelope pouches. I also outgrew those. Someday I should scan the patterns onto my computer so I have backups, can view the pattern online via Dropbox, and put the paper patterns in storage. What a day that will be!  I have a ton of patterns!

Ever buy a book of patterns where you only wanted or liked a couple of patterns?  By purchasing patterns online, sometimes I'm able to buy the pattern I like.  I realize that buying the book is much cheaper than buying a la carte, but I'd rather save space than spend money for a bunch of patterns I really didn't want. 

I'm quickly becoming a nail in the book and publishing coffin as I move to online books and publishing. We canceled our newspaper last month, and I now read it online. Lately I've been buying more books for my kindle as my bookshelves are stuffed. I also like how light my bag feels as I'm not hauling a bunch of books on trips. I told hubby that as magazine subscriptions become due, I'll choose to either go online or cancel outright. It saddens me to do this, the bookworm who loves the smell of books and feel of paper between my fingertips. Saving money and also space and time are behind many of these decisions. 

Do you prefer reading patterns from books or your reading device?

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